Shopping for Playground Equipment

Tips You Can Follow To Ensure Your Jogging Stroller Sells Online

You are an athletic and active mom who loved taking your baby out with you on your morning jogs. You still enjoy those jogs but your baby isn't so small anymore, and now you need to sell your jogging stroller to make way for a new model. There are a few tips you can follow to ensure your stroller will sell if you decide to sell it online. Take As Many Pictures as You Can Read More 

Money-Saving Techniques for Your Wedding: Floral Arrangements

When you begin to plan your wedding, you quickly realize that the costs are going to add up incredibly fast. Each element, from the ceremony venue, to the reception hall, food, dress, flowers, music, and everything in between, comes at a fee, and you being to question if you can even afford to get married. However, there are many steps that you can take to reduce your costs for your wedding. Read More 

Three Colored Stones That Will Make Your Bridal Rings Rock!

Round, white diamonds will probably always have a certain timeless allure for engagement rings, but that's no reason to be locked into one if you prefer a splash of color in your life! Instead of sticking with the traditional white or "colorless" diamond engagement ring, here are three ways to rock your look with colored stones instead. 1.) Come Alive With Rubies Rubies are almost as hard as diamonds, rating a 9 on the Mohs scale. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask Before You Borrow Money

Money—it's something everyone could use more of. Everyone at some point in their life seems to experience times when their checking account could use a little boost to cover unexpected costs. If you have bills looming or unforeseen expenses weighing you down, you may be tempted to take out a personal loan of some kind. Before taking out any loans, you should ask yourself these 3 questions. It may help you avoid future financial hardship, one way or another. Read More 

Five Gift Ideas For The Techie In Your Life

Struggling to think of a birthday gift for your favorite techie? Read on for five unique gift ideas that they're sure to love. iPhone 5 Battery Extender Case Odds are, the techie in your life is glued to their iPhone. Help them avoid the frustration of a dead battery at an inopportune moment with an iPhone 5 battery extender case. These cases can actually charge the iPhone's battery when needed-- some can even take a battery all the way from dead to a full charge. Read More 

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Shopping for Playground Equipment

I’m Jason Baldwin, and my kids have the coolest playground ever! Our backyard playground took nearly eight months to complete. This is because my wife and I put a great deal of time and research into the equipment we purchased. We have three children that range from three to nine years of age. We wanted a playground that had things for each age child, in addition to equipment that will still be fun as they get older. Of course, the primary concern was safety. After safety, we had to consider what materials we wanted. We researched not only what looked nice, but would also hold up to weather conditions year after year. I am going to share what we learned and what we ended up purchasing. I hope this will help you make decisions for your playground.