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Three Colored Stones That Will Make Your Bridal Rings Rock!

Round, white diamonds will probably always have a certain timeless allure for engagement rings, but that's no reason to be locked into one if you prefer a splash of color in your life! Instead of sticking with the traditional white or "colorless" diamond engagement ring, here are three ways to rock your look with colored stones instead.

1.) Come Alive With Rubies

Rubies are almost as hard as diamonds, rating a 9 on the Mohs scale. Their hardness makes them a natural for jewelry of all kinds, including engagement rings. However, the darker the shade of red, the more expensive the ruby. Even small ones can be costly. To keep down the expense, consider using small rubies as accent stones on either side of your solitaire.

You can also update the look of an older ring without disturbing the setting by having rubies set in a wrap setting that will lock in place around your solitaire when worn together. Or, just use an anniversary band that alternates rubies and diamonds to add a dash of red to your ensemble. 

Rubies are ideal for bridal sets because red has long been thought of as the color of love, passion, and fire. It's the color of the heart.

2.) Get Inspired With Sapphires

Sapphires are chemically the same as rubies (the only difference between the two stones being the inclusions that give them color), but they're more plentiful. That means that it's more affordable if you want to use a large sapphire as the center stone of your engagement ring. In fact, the most famous engagement ring in the world right now is the beautiful blue sapphire belonging to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

People who wear sapphires are seen as more down to earth (as opposed to those in red), and sapphires blend nicely with blue jeans. Like rubies, however, sapphires have a rich symbolic history and are associated with faithfulness, divine knowledge, and hidden wisdom.

3.) Be Stunning In Black Diamonds

One of the biggest trends in jewelry in recent years has been the use of black diamonds. They're real diamonds, but have graphite inclusions that make them appear black. True black diamonds are rare, so many on the market are chemically treated to enhance the color. Otherwise, they can have a greenish tint instead of the beautiful black sheen that's so favored.

Black diamonds started out being heavily used in men's jewelry, until someone realized that the stones have a nearly universal appeal. Unfortunately for fans of the stone, that means that the prices on good black diamonds have risen over the years.

Still, it's possible to find everything from large black solitaires to wedding bands with small black diamonds embedded in them for both men and women.

The black diamond combines the traditional meaning of the diamond (eternity) with the unique flair of those who opt for the non-traditional stone. In an anniversary setting, it can be used to symbolize a love that's been restored after some trials and testing. 

The important thing is that you end up with jewelry that looks good on you and to you. Talk to your jeweler about the possibility of adding some colored stones to your engagement ring if you want a setting that will be as unique as the love you share.

For more information, contact Heritage Jewelers or a similar company.

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