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Five Gift Ideas For The Techie In Your Life

Struggling to think of a birthday gift for your favorite techie? Read on for five unique gift ideas that they're sure to love.

iPhone 5 Battery Extender Case

Odds are, the techie in your life is glued to their iPhone. Help them avoid the frustration of a dead battery at an inopportune moment with an iPhone 5 battery extender case. These cases can actually charge the iPhone's battery when needed-- some can even take a battery all the way from dead to a full charge. Check out to find some great options for your techie. 

Charging Station

Managing the dozens of cords required to charge a person's various electronic devices can be a nightmare. A charging station, however, stores those cords in one convenient location, ready to charge. No more searching for the camera charger that's used maybe twice a year and otherwise buried under a mountain of clutter.

Activity Tracker

If your techie is also a fitness guru-- or even just a numbers geek-- they'll appreciate a fitness tracker. These devices can usually be worn around the wrist, or clipped on to a shirt. Features vary by brand, but many of them track steps and miles walked in a day, activity level, and even sleep. Software that comes with the tracker typically records the data, and allows the user to set various goals-- say, going from 10,000 steps in a day to 15,000.

Smart Watch

No longer are watches just useful for telling the time. Modern day smart watches are capable of everything from taking pictures to sending texts. These watches sync up with the user's phone, and many respond to voice commands. One common, useful feature allows for a person to turn on their phone's ringer and call it, for those annoying occasions where the phone is on silent and lost. There's little a smart watch can't do, which is why your techie is bound to want one.

Phone Lens

Does your techie also enjoy photography? Spare them the hassle of lugging around a DSLR camera by getting them a set of lenses for their phone. Most modern phones can take decent pictures, and with a lens set, it's easy to achieve many of the same shots that a higher end camera can get. There are a wide variety of lens sets available, though, and quality varies, so be sure to read a few product reviews before diving into a purchase.

Your techie is sure to love any one of these gifts.

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