Shopping for Playground Equipment

Why Visit An Indoor Shooting Range?

People own firearms for a number of reasons, from home defense to sporting activities. Whether you're a casual gun owner or a shooting enthusiast, it's important to keep your skills in shape. Shooting ranges have everything you need for a safe and fun day of shooting. Here are four advantages of heading to the indoor shooting range: 1. Shoot in a safe environment. Visiting a shooting range for target practice is a safe way to enjoy shooting. Read More 

The Basics Of Caring For Your Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are not just beautiful pieces of art, they are also valuable investments. These intricately woven rugs require special care and attention to maintain their beauty and longevity. Best Practice: Use Proper Vacuuming Techniques When vacuuming oriental rugs, not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Opt for a vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction power and a brush or beater bar that can be turned off or adjusted to a gentle setting. Read More 

3 Homemade Fairy Houses Ideal For Display Near Water

As you build a fairy garden at your home, you may decide to place some of the fairy houses near a water element like a small stream, a homemade pond, or an outdoor element like a water fountain. When you shop for fairy garden houses, you can look for specific designs and features that cater directly to the water features. Check out some of the designs to look for and ways to make a fairy garden come to life with the design choices you select. Read More 

6 Reasons To Buy Your Clothes From A Resale Shop

Did you know that the used clothing market is a multi-billion-dollar market in the US? In fact, the used clothing market is expected to reach over $50 billion dollars by the end of 2023. So, why are people turning to used and secondhand apparel?   There are many good reasons to buy your clothing from a resale shop—here are six of them:  1. The Savings Perhaps the most compelling reason to buy used clothing and accessories is the cost—it is a lot cheaper! Read More 

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Shopping for Playground Equipment

I’m Jason Baldwin, and my kids have the coolest playground ever! Our backyard playground took nearly eight months to complete. This is because my wife and I put a great deal of time and research into the equipment we purchased. We have three children that range from three to nine years of age. We wanted a playground that had things for each age child, in addition to equipment that will still be fun as they get older. Of course, the primary concern was safety. After safety, we had to consider what materials we wanted. We researched not only what looked nice, but would also hold up to weather conditions year after year. I am going to share what we learned and what we ended up purchasing. I hope this will help you make decisions for your playground.