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3 Homemade Fairy Houses Ideal For Display Near Water

As you build a fairy garden at your home, you may decide to place some of the fairy houses near a water element like a small stream, a homemade pond, or an outdoor element like a water fountain. When you shop for fairy garden houses, you can look for specific designs and features that cater directly to the water features.

Check out some of the designs to look for and ways to make a fairy garden come to life with the design choices you select.

1. Boat House

A boat house will feature a lot of water element designs on the decor and may even include a dock that connects right outside the house. The handmade fairy houses may also include rustic wood elements and lots of windows like a real boat house would have. You could place the house right up next to the water so the dock has easy water access.

A boat house may also include an overhang ideal for a small boat decoration to store underneath.

2. Fishing Cottage

A fishing cottage may feature similar design elements to a boat house. One of the key features of a fishing cottage fairy house includes a front porch that offers an ideal fishing spot next to the water. Small chairs may sit on the porch and include tiny details ideal for fairy figurines.

The cottage itself could include rustic designs like moss features, wooden logs, and a rustic door. Look for small decor pieces adorned to the fishing cottage like anchors or oars. The little decorative details really add to the design and make the creation stand out more.

3. Shell-Based Beach House

If you want more of a beach vibe, then look for a beach house crafted with shells. While many homemade fairy houses rely on natural elements like wood and rocks, shells also provide a lot of stability and can create a natural beach vibe when placed near the water.

Typically, the shells will make up the rook of the house, but smaller shells can add some details to walkways, windows, and doors as well. When you shop for houses, look for specific colors to match the beach vibes and decor you try to create. Shell shapes vary, so you can really see unique designs with each house you purchase.

You can purchase one of each design and have a whole water-based fairy community in the garden you set up. Play around with design elements to select the best options for your fairy creations.

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