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Promotional Products That Are Useful for Laptop Owners

Many people, from students to working professionals, use laptop computers daily. The portable and versatile nature of this device makes it handy for completing work, using social media, and watching videos. If your company is going to order promotional items to distribute at an upcoming event, you might wish to think about choosing things that relate to laptop computers. Many people will find such devices useful, which will help to keep your brand in their minds. Here are some promotional products that relate to laptop computers that you can customize and order.

Laptop Sleeve

While ordering promotional laptop bags is an option that may appeal to you, another idea is to order laptop sleeves. Many people favor the sleek and simple design of laptop sleeves, which offer protection for a laptop before it goes in a backpack. Lots of promotional product companies have all sorts of laptop sleeves, so you have several options when you're evaluating what you may want to order. Some of these sleeves are fabric, which offers a high-end look. Consider choosing a color that is in alignment with your brand and then having your logo embroidered on the sleeve.

Webcam Cover

Some laptop users wish to cover the webcam that sits atop their screen as a privacy measure. If a hacker is able to gain access to a laptop computer, they have the ability to turn its webcam on and observe what is going on in the room. Webcam covers are small, plastic devices that are self-adhesive. They stick to the frame of the laptop around the webcam and have a slider that allows the user to conceal or reveal the camera. Webcam covers are customizable, and lots of promotional companies have them available. Their small size means they generally have just enough space for your name or logo.


More and more people have touchscreen laptop computers today. While some of these users tap their screens with their fingers, others favor using a stylus because it won't smudge the screen. You may wish to order some custom stylus pens that you can hand out at an event. Like standard writing implements, you'll have the ability to have your organization's name, website, and phone number appear on the stylus. You can also choose the color of the device, so you can opt for something stylish and professional such as silver or something that suits your company's logo.

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