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3 Unique Ways To Use Graduation Stoles For Pictures

Graduation stoles represent a traditional way to celebrate graduates. Typically draped over the shoulders in a similar way to a scarf, the stoles are an ideal symbol of a graduate and add some depth and layer to the traditional cap and gown. If you have a college or high school graduate in your life you want to capture in photographs, a stole creates an ideal prop.

When your order graduation stoles online, learn some unique ways to photograph with them and create some memorable pictures you will look back on for years to come.

1. Formal Wear Without the Gown

A graduation gown can present a lot of challenges when you take photos. The gown may appear flat and not allow a lot of creativity or depth in the pictures. A graduation stole captures the theme of graduation and allows a person to ditch the oversized gown for the photos.

A student can wear a nice formal outfit and drape the stole over their shoulders to represent the theme. With the process, you have more unique ways to pose the student. A custom stole can feature the year of the graduation and showcase the design prominently.

2. Stoles & Props

A stole is an ideal way to create pictures with props that represent the student's journey through school. For example, you could create a stack of books from their years at school and drape the stole right over the books. You could lay the stole over a sporting accessory like a football, basketball, or baseball glove.

Use the stole in creative ways to represent the person. The artistic and symbolic picture will mean a lot to the student. A customized stole may feature the person's last name or initials and add even more personality to the design. Besides props, look for places on the university campus you could display the stole around. Examples include statues or signs.

3. Family Legacy Pictures

If you have other family members who graduated from the same school, then see if they still have their graduation stoles. With multiple generations of stoles, you have the opportunity to create a unique family picture of everyone together. The new stoles and old stoles become a nice focal point and showcase the importance of education through the family.

Even if they went to different schools, you could still capture photos of everyone in the family with their stoles. You could also order replacement stoles to represent the past years of family member graduations and have the designs customized.

Plan ahead to really take advantage of the stole use. For more information on graduation stoles, contact a professional near you.

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