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3 Ways to Use a Balloon Arch

A balloon arch can be a colorful and festive addition to all sorts of events. If you're organizing an upcoming gathering of any type and you feel that a balloon arch would be a good addition, take some time to acquire the necessary supplies to build this structure. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, you can set up the arch in the desired location where it can be a focal point for your guests. There are lots of different ways that you can use a balloon arch at your event. Here are three appealing options to think about.

Over a Walkway

The shape of a balloon arch makes this a perfect structure to build over any type of walkway that your guests will walk along. For example, you might favor having the arch at the entrance of your venue so that people have to walk under the balloons as they enter. It can be exciting for people of all ages, but particularly for kids, to walk beneath the arch. Assess your event venue's space to determine how people will enter, and then place the arch accordingly. For example, if you're hosting a party in an outdoor garden area that is accessible by a stone path, you can erect the arch over the start of the path.

Photo Backdrop

While it's fun to walk beneath a balloon arch, there are many other ways to use this cheerful structure. Another option is to place the arch against a wall to serve as a colorful photo backdrop. Your guests can pose in front of the arch in couples, small groups, or large groups, while your official photographer snaps shots of them. Standard group photos can sometimes have a bland look when they consist of little more than several people standing together. When the people stand in front of a balloon arch, however, the photo instantly becomes more engaging.

Over a Table

Many people construct balloon arches over tables that they want to be a focal point. You can do so at all sorts of gatherings. For example, if you're hosting a shower and you have a large selection of colorful cupcakes on display on a table, as well as some framed photos and perhaps a stack of gifts, building a balloon arch over the table can immediately add to the visual appeal of this part of the room. You can expect that when people enter, this decorative display will be the first thing that catches their attention.

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