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3 Halloween Celebration Basket Items Ideal For Hospital Patients

When patients with cancer and other illnesses have to spend extended times at the hospital, they will often miss key holidays. Through the kindness of others, many patients are given basket presents filled with items to help celebrate holidays like Halloween. As you shop to provide cancer support, learn about some key items to include in a Halloween celebration basket.

1. Scary Books

Reading is a common way to pass the time in the weeks leading up to Halloween, and you can provide a lot of fun scares through horror books. When you are looking for ways to support cancer patients, you can search for various scary books. Horror novels are some of the most common books you can shop for. 

Look for classic tales along with newer novels by popular authors. You could also shop for real-life ghost stories and hauntings. Published books include ghost stories about several states and local areas. Pique a person's interest as they read about real buildings and houses where ghost sightings have occurred.

If the hospital patient is younger, then consider age-appropriate scary books. For example, books from the Goosebumps series could provide some fun scares for children. There are also many general Halloween books that focus on holiday fun rather than the reasons behind the spooky season.

2. Streaming Service Gift Cards

Horror movies and creepy television shows are quite popular during the month of October. Hospital patients may have access to a tablet or laptop where they can stream horror content all they want. To help a person access horror movies and TV shows, consider purchasing a streaming service gift card.

You could purchase a gift card for a service like Hulu or Netflix, or find one of the horror-exclusive streaming services like Shudder. Gift cards often come in monthly amounts. Choose a single month or a longer duration like six months or a year.

3. Room Décor

Hospital rooms are often plain-colored with limited artwork. Add a festive touch with a collection of Halloween room décor. For example, you could purchase a couple of horror movie posters to hang on the wall. Halloween banner decorations may include pumpkins, skulls, and other holiday symbols.

Indoor Halloween lights can add festive pops of color to the room. Shop around to find a variety of decorations you can pair together. With the help of the hospital staff and visitors, the patient can enjoy all of the decorations for the whole month of October and through Halloween.

After putting together your first Halloween celebration basket, you can make the theme an annual tradition to supply hospital patients with on an annual basis.

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