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10 Unusual And Unique Bookend Ideas

Whether you have enough books to fill a small library or a single dedicated bookcase, bookends are useful and decorative elements for every booklover's home. From classic to kitschy, bookends are more than just two pieces of metal. 

Let the following ideas inspire you when designing and staging your books and bookcases.

  1. Superhero/Villain: Bookends featuring your favorite superheroes and villains are a perfect way to showcase your or your kids' favorite good-guy/bad-guy books and comics. You can even DIY a pair by hot-gluing toy action figures to the base of metal or solid wood L-shaped bookends.
  2. Zombies: Love them or hate them, they're everywhere. Silhouettes of a zombie chasing a human will cause every Walking Dead fan to chuckle.
  3. Antlers: Antlers, real or resin, are still a hot decorating item. A pair of antlers painted bright white, turquoise, or gold will lend a sophisticated and modern air to your bookcase.
  4. Skulls: Human skulls aren't just for Halloween. A pair of resin skulls can rock your bookshelf all year long. DIY a pair of skull bookends by cutting a plaster skull down the center, applying a clear sealer to the skull halves, supergluing each half of the skull to a piece of 1"x4"x9" wood, and spray-painting each bookend an unexpected color, such as hot pink.
  5. C-clamp grips: These simple and masculine bookends require a trip to the hardware store. Pick up two 6-inch c-clamps, attach a piece of felt to the clamping mechanisms to protect the bookshelf, and clamp them onto the bookshelf on either side of your books.
  6. Fishbowls: A pair of bookends designed to resemble fishbowls does double duty. Give a couple of fish a good home while keeping a few books upright. Alternatively, you can turn fishbowl bookends into terrariums by filling them with pebbles, soil, and a few plants.
  7. Dire wolves: A pair of dire wolves flanking your favorite fantasy books pays homage to the Game of Thrones, but you can even wow your friends with a bit of trivia when they ask about these cool bookends. You can honestly tell them that dire wolves aren't imaginary; they roamed North America during the Late Pleistocene era.
  8. Woodland critters: These are an adorable addition to your kids' bookcases. Popular animals include owls, squirrels, and foxes. Look for bookends that are sturdy, but child-safe. Choose resin over heavy metal or ceramic bookends in kids' rooms.
  9. Star Wars: From an At-At split in half to a pair of storm troopers, Star Wars bookends, like Star Wars merchandise, are everywhere. Show your allegiance to the light or dark side with a pair of Rebel Alliance or Imperial Seal bookends.
  10. Gold: Anything painted gold will instantly glam up your space. From animals split in half to initials, you can't go wrong with gold. 

In addition to these cool bookends, you can purchase floating shelves with built-in bookends or bookcases with adjustable bookends. All are great ways to display your books while adding some style to your space.  

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