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Veterans Benefits to Help Start a Small Business

Honoring veterans is a way that the government and many companies choose to give back to those who serve. From veterans' discounts to small business loans, there are many options to choose from that can help you launch your small business. If you have served in the military and want to start a company in the private sector, here are some benefits you can take advantage of.

Discounts on Electronics

Your new business will likely need computers, printers, cellphones, and other electronics to process orders, run your accounting software, print invoices, and call clients. By using your military or veteran's discount on these items, you can get more of the items you need without spending the full manufacturer retail price. Ask the store about any additional benefits you may qualify for with your purchase. You may be able to add a bulk purchase discount and your veteran's discount together to save even more money on a large purchase.

Office Supply Discounts

For ongoing expenses, such as paper, ink, pens and other small office supplies, there are many discount programs available for veterans. You may also be able to set up recurring purchases for items you know your business will use every month, which may qualify you for an additional discount on top of your veteran's discount. Check with your local office supply stores to see which ones offer veterans' discounts, or look for a veteran-owned store to help support your peers while enjoying a discount on your basic office supply needs. You can find veterans' discounted office supplies online, as well.

Small Business Loans and Grants

The Small Business Association of the Department of Veterans Affairs offers a variety of loans, grants, and other financing options for veterans who want to start their own businesses. There are numerous loan programs to choose from, so you can find the right one for your business needs. The SBA also provides a wealth of information for veterans about navigating the loan process, creating a business plan, and other strategies needed to start a successful business venture. Because this department deals solely with veterans, all of the information and loan programs are created with military service members in mind.

You may also be able to register your company as a veteran-owned business or a service-disabled veteran-owned business, which can help you if you want to bid on public contracts. If you are unsure about the benefits available to you as a veteran, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs for assistance. You may be surprised at all the options out there to help support veterans who want to begin a successful career in the private sector.

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Shopping for Playground Equipment

I’m Jason Baldwin, and my kids have the coolest playground ever! Our backyard playground took nearly eight months to complete. This is because my wife and I put a great deal of time and research into the equipment we purchased. We have three children that range from three to nine years of age. We wanted a playground that had things for each age child, in addition to equipment that will still be fun as they get older. Of course, the primary concern was safety. After safety, we had to consider what materials we wanted. We researched not only what looked nice, but would also hold up to weather conditions year after year. I am going to share what we learned and what we ended up purchasing. I hope this will help you make decisions for your playground.