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Five Great Types of Baby Shower Gifts

Any parent knows that babies need a lot of stuff. Buying all of the necessary things to take care of a baby can get quite expensive, hence the idea of a baby shower. The best baby shower gifts are those that the new parents actually need and those that will make life easier for them once the baby arrives.

Whatever's on the List

If the mom-to-be has made a baby registry, any of the items on this list would be perfect and appreciated at the shower. These are the things she has picked out personally, so you know she wants them. These items should be the first things you consider when shopping for a baby shower gift.

New Mom Essentials

Pregnant women don't always get around to making a baby registry, but they'll always appreciate baby and new mom essentials. Consider diapers or clothes for the baby, perhaps in larger sizes as the tiniest sizes are quickly outgrown. You can make these into a diaper cake to make the present even cuter. A nursing pillow, a medical kit with all the supplies necessary for taking care of any little issues with the baby, or a diaper bag from a retailer like Gift Giving Made EZ can also be great options. For those with a larger budget, a bouncy seat, activity mat or activity center will help the new mom keep baby entertained when she can't hold her.

Things for the Mom

While most baby shower presents focus on the baby, don't forget the mom. She's going to be frazzled and exhausted after the baby is born, so relaxing bath supplies, a gift certificate for a massage or even a box of her favorite chocolates wouldn't be a bad gift.

Money and Gift Certificates

If you're not sure what to get, money and gift certificates to stores that have baby supplies, including large discount stores or even the supermarket, always come in handy. This allows the parents to get whatever they need, whether it's more diaper cream or a few new outfits in a larger size once the baby outgrows those given to them at the shower.

Household Services

New parents have a lot to do just taking care of the baby without worrying about keeping the house looking its best as well. Consider giving them a certificate for a house cleaning service or one that delivers meals. If you can't afford to do this, you can always give them a little book of homemade coupons offering your services as a babysitter, house cleaner or cook to use whenever they need a helping hand.

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Shopping for Playground Equipment

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