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3 Ways To Make Your Yard Look Unique While On A Budget

If you want your yard to stand out in your neighborhood, below are some ideas you can use to make it look unique, and you don't have to spend a lot of money to do it. When you get finished, you will be the talk of the town.

Unique Birdhouses

Attract some beautiful birds to your yard by adding some unique birdhouses. You can find birdhouses online or in stores, or you can make them on your own using things you may already have at home.  Make the bottom half of the bird house out of wood, and fold over an old license plate to put on top of it as the roof. You could also put vinyl stickers on a wooden birdhouse, or paint your own designs on it. You could even make a birdhouse out of wooden ice cream sticks.

In stores, you may find birdhouses made to look like a tiny log cabin, or made out of twigs. There are multi-level birdhouses, and birdhouses that look like windmills. Place more than one in your front and back yard to give the birds a safe place to lay their eggs.

Garden Edging

If you have a flower garden, place cinder blocks around it to use as a border. This will keep grass from creeping over into your garden, and you can fill the holes in the blocks with garden soil, and plant small flowers in them, such as marigolds.  Decorate the cinder blocks by painting them a solid color, or you could paint designs on them. Make it look even more unique by digging a small trench in front of the cinder blocks, and filling the trench with beautiful small rocks and stones.

Tire Planters

Find some old tires in all different sizes to use as planters. Spray paint the tires with bright colors, and let them completely dry. Arrange them on the ground like you want them to look.  Fill them with good garden soil that you can purchase from a garden center. Purchase flowers that will grow well where you have the planters, and plant them. For example, if they sit in the sun all day long, purchase full sun flowers. This looks beautiful, especially once the flowers start to grow larger.

These things can be fun to make so get the whole family involved in helping you. Put your heads together and come up with some other ideas.

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Shopping for Playground Equipment

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