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3 Tips For Giving Your Bathroom A New Look On A Budget

If you are sick and tired of the old look that your bathroom has had for too long, it is time to make a change. Of course, that takes money—money that you might not have much of. Maybe it is that you have no desire to spend a ton of money to update the look of a bathroom. Either way, you might want to take a moment to review the following three tips for updating your bathroom on a tight budget.

Buy Bath And Shower Sets Online

Sure, you can find some fairly expensive things online. However, if you are searching hard enough, you can find some fairly incredible deals. Try focusing on auction websites where individuals sell their gently used bath and shower sets. You might also make use of overstock-type websites or companies that simply have too much or no longer enough of one particular style. They will sell those sets at significantly discounted rates.

Give The Walls A Unique Color

Do you have some old paint cans in the basement or storage shed? They might be leftovers from other projects around the house. As long as the paints are still in good condition, such as not a lot of separation between the paint and oils at the top of the can, you can still use them. Instead of using the colors as they are, you can combine two or three complementing colors into a clean and dry contractor's bucket and mix them all up. This will create a new color and it might be something that is nicer than what you could have ever imagined. The key is to mix the colors a little at a time in order to avoid going overboard with too much of one color.

Change Out The Hardware And Faucets

Replace all hardware on the bathroom vanity, closet door, or anything else that you have in your bathroom. Then you will want to change out the shower head and the faucets on the sink and tub, as well as the flush handle on the toilet. This is a quick and easy fix. Many of the large home improvement stores even offer advice or free classes to learn how to tackle such projects on your own so you do not have to hire a plumber.

With those few things in mind, you should be able to be well on your way to a new look in your bathroom.  

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