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Ideas For The Couple Considering A Backyard Star Trek Wedding Theme

When two Star Trek fans are considering getting married, one of the first ideas for their wedding theme may be that of Star Trek. If you would love nothing more than to get married on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, planning ahead of time is a good idea. While the creation of props may seem too challenging, you may be surprised to learn how easy it may be to create the perfect, affordable Star Trek atmosphere right in your own backyard.  

Building The Enterprise Bridge 

You do not have to create the entire bridge to have the part that means most to you for your wedding ceremony. For example, you might consider building a large, square box out of plywood. Painting the interior to resemble the bridge, especially the large screen that looked out into space, can be fun and a great way to spend time with your spouse-to-be preparing for the big day. Making a list out of the things you will need for building your Star Trek wedding prop is best so you will not forget anything:

  • Plywood and 2x4s for framing and closing in your square. Remember to gather all the tools, nails and screws you will need. Think about any power tools you do not own you may need to rent as well.

  • Paints and an assortment of paintbrushes.

  • Large pieces of foam board for cutting out computer screens and other prop details. Keep in mind you can easily paint foam board.

  • Fabric, using colors resembling the theme on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. You might think about visiting a costume shop for getting the exact fabric color match and getting the costumes you need for your ceremony.

While you may end up using more materials and tools in the creation of your props, always remember to check out tool rental outlets (such as White Bear Rental) before making the purchase of some expensive tools you may only use once or twice. The same is also true about some of the party supplies and equipment you may need like helium tanks and spotlights. Locating a rental company that offers a wide selection in all the supplies you will need for your Star Trek theme is best for saving time and money.

Star Trek Invitations And Reception Decorations

Making the most of a wedding theme is easiest by extending it into your invitations and reception decorations. Choosing invitations of the same colors you use in your theme is a good idea. Discuss your options for a Star Trek theme with a printer to learn more. You can also choose ready made Star Trek invitations and personalize each one yourself if you want to save money for printing services.

The decorations you use for your reception should also reflect your love for Star Trek. You might think about the Starship Enterprise sitting on top of your wedding cake while smaller versions are hung about the room. Your imagination is your only limit, so starting ahead of time will give you more time to think up neat ideas for portraying your favorite parts of Star Trek.

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