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Got Gold? Throw An Old Gold Party

Parties with demonstrations and product sales can be fun, but money is tight for many people these days. Why not turn the old product party on its head and allow guests to actually make some money at your party? Invite your friends to a gold party, and enjoy fun times together and a bit of a financial pay off as well. 

Find a Reputable Seller

The first step in hosting a gold party is to find someone to buy your gold. Just like in jewelry stores, there are gold party professionals who will not be honest with you and your guests. They may give you a very low price for your gold or miscalculate the weight. 

Do your research before you hire someone for your party. Anyone can look up the current price for gold online, so be sure that your seller is in the proper range. If you can, find other people who have used the seller before and have had a good experience. 

Extend Invitations With no Strings Attached

When you invite your guests to your old gold party, be sure to emphasize that there is no pressure to sell. Ask guests to bring any old gold jewelry that they might like to sell, and let them know that they will be given a cash offer for the gold. Let your guests know that they are under no obligation to sell their gold and that they should enjoy the party whether they decide to do business or not. If your seller begins to use high pressure tactics, cut that person off immediately. 

Your job is to make your guests comfortable and allow them to have a good time. Whether or not they sell any gold should be secondary. 

Make it Fun!

Take advantage of the gold theme, and make your party golden. You can find many mixed drink recipes on the internet that are gold in color. Fill crystal bowls or stemware with gold foil wrapped candies. Use gold balloons, table runners and tableware to get guests in the mood for fun. 

Gold shines and sparkles, so be sure to choose some decor with a little bit of bling. Glitter spray looks fantastic on flowers and plastic wine glasses. 

Parties don't have to be a drain on your and your friends' financial resources. Instead invite your friends to make some money selling gold that they no longer wear, and have a great time while they're doing it. (For information on gold buyers, you can contact Maine Pawn Shop)

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