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3 Tips For Getting The Best Deal When Selling Your Gold

Selling gold is a great way to get some extra cash and get rid of items that are lying around the house. Many people choose to sell their gold, but unfortunately some people don't necessarily get the most out of their exchange. Here are a couple tips to ensure that you are getting the best price for your gold.

1. Stay Up To Date On Current Values

The value of gold will fluctuate. There are good times to sell and there are worse times to sell. The best way to optimize the amount that you get is to watch gold prices and to not sell in desperation. If you are in a need for some quick cash, you might sell the gold without getting the best price. For this reason, try watching the gold market so that you can choose the best time to sell.

2. Appraise Your Jewelry First

Before you go and sell the gold make sure you get is appraised. You might get a better deal by taking it to a jeweler than a gold buyer. A gold buyer might just melt down the gold, so you only get paid per ounce of gold. However, if the jewelry has other redeeming qualities like it was made by a certain professional, it has ornate engravings, or extra jewels on it, you might get more money by taking it somewhere else.

This is why you should at least take the jewelry to an appraisal jeweler or an independent appraiser to see what it is worth. Then you can have a better idea of how much you should accept for the buyout.

3. Be Prepared To Show A License and Ask For One In Return

By law you might have to show your government issued ID to sell gold. The government has put regulations in place that prevent people from selling large amounts of gold without ID. This is to protect the exchange of stolen goods. If there is a problem, the company that you sold with has the individual's information on file so that they can contact them if necessary.

In addition, you should be asking for credentials as well. You should be sure that the company you are selling to is a licensed gold buyer. If you don't you could be getting scammed through the mail, or not getting what your gold is worth.

By doing these simple things you can protect yourself when selling your gold (through an outlet such as Atlas Loan & Jewelry Co), and get the best price for your goods. 

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