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Three Things You Should Do After Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is an exciting, breathtaking experience, but be sure that you don't get so caught up in the moment that you forget to protect that beautiful engagement ring. Use this list to help protect your new piece of jewelry as you prepare to take this next step in your relationship with your significant other.

Get a Diamond Appraisal

Some people might be hesitant to have their engagement ring appraised because they don't want to hurt their fiance's feelings. A jewelry appraisal doesn't show that you are trying to find out how much he spent; it simply means that you are preparing to insure the piece in case it is lost or stolen. Be sure to discuss this with your fiance, as he/she might have already had an appraisal done for you. Consider having your wedding bands and any other jewelry purchased for your wedding day appraised as well, as this will allow you to add them to your insurance policy along with your wedding ring. Experts like Certified Gem Lab can help you here.

Insure Your Ring

Talk to your insurance agent about adjusting your renter's or homeowner's insurance policy to cover the value of your engagement ring. For this, you will need your diamond appraisal information, as this helps to prove that you are insuring the ring for the proper amount. Talk to your agent about what your policy covers. You may be able to purchase a rider for your policy that specifically covers your ring. Remember to change the policy after your wedding if your address changes, so you can be sure that your ring is always covered.

Schedule a Ring Photo Session

People are going to ask to see the ring, so why not give your hand a special photo session? A professional photographer can expertly show your ring in its best light. You can share these pictures on social media and on your wedding website (once it is set up) so everyone can see the stunning ring that commemorates your love for one another. Your photo session can be part of your engagement photo shoot with your fiance, or you can do it separately. Be sure to get a full manicure before the photo shoot so your hands are just as beautiful as your ring.

Your engagement is the first step on a lifelong journey. You will find that you have a lot of things to prepare for the wedding, but your first step after getting engaged should be to take care of your beautiful new ring. Get your engagement ring appraised and insured to keep it protected for years to come, and get stunning photos taken as a way to commemorate the happy occasion.

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