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3 Reasons To Sell Custom T Shirts At Your Fundraising Event

Ordering screen printed t shirts to sell at your upcoming fundraiser is one of the best ways to support your cause and raise money for it. When you order shirts, you can choose the color, wording, and style, and here are three benefits this will offer for your fundraiser.

Make a Good Profit

Depending on the shirts you order and the company you use, you might be able to double your money on this item. People that attend your fundraiser may be more likely to support your cause by purchasing a t shirt simply because they are getting something in return. They can pay a small price to receive an item that they can use over and over, and you could make a good profit.

If the shirts cost $9.00 each and you can sell them for $20.00, you could make $11 off each shirt. To sell the shirts, it's important that you:

  • Create shirts that are attractive
  • Order the right sizes
  • Include wording that is catchy

If you are not sure what wording to use or what sizes to order, talk to the screen printing company. They can help you come up with a design, and they will also be able to offer suggestions about colors and sizes.

Continuous Advertising

A second reason selling t shirts makes sense is because you will receive continuous advertising for your organization or effort. When a person invests in a t shirt, he or she is likely to wear it. When this happens, other people will see the shirt and will get the message that is printed on it.

This is one of the best forms of advertising you could do for your organization because it is one of the only ways to obtain constant advertising for your effort.

Always Worth Money

Finally, if you end up with leftover t shirts after your event, you will not have to worry about losing money. You can always find ways to sell these leftover shirts, even if you have to reduce the price. One idea to sell them is to advertise them on your website. Another idea is to give them away for free just to gain advertising from them.

If you would like to learn more about ordering custom t shirts, talk to a company that offers screen printed shirts. They can help you create the right shirts for your event, and they may be able to give you a great price on the shirts. To learn more, contact a company like with any questions you have.

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