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3 Types Of Coins To Get Your Collection Started

If you are new to coin collecting, the number of different coins can be confusing. There are thousands of coins from all over the world. You also have the choice of gold coins, silver coins, or non-precious metal coins. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming.

So, to help you get started, here are three great choices. There will be a gold coin, a silver coin and a foreign coin to  help get you started with your collection.

The Gold Coin

Gold coins are not used as currency anymore. Nowadays, most gold coins are sold as bullion. This is not typically what coin collectors want. Coin collectors want coins that were used in everyday life. This is known as numismatics.

If you are new to coin collecting, it can be difficult to buy gold coins. Some of them are very expensive. However, there are a few types that are affordable. The gold coins with a $20 face value tend to be very expensive. A new collector should look for coins with lower face value.

A good pick for a new collector is the Indian head $2.50. This is a gold coin that was used during the early part of the 20th century. The better condition, the more it will cost. The coins that are lower on the Sheldon scale will run close to $300 dollars. These coins will be in good shape, just not mint state.

The Silver Coin

The good news about silver coins is that they are much more affordable than gold coins. This is one reason that so many coin collectors tend to have many more silver coins in the collections. There are also more silver coins to choose from. Silver was the main metal used in coins until around the 1960s.

One of the most popular coins among coin collectors is the Morgan Liberty dollar. It is a silver dollar that was in circulation from 1878 until 1904. These are very affordable. You can find many for under $100.

The Foreign Coin

A fun choice in the foreign coin category would be a coin used during the Roman Empire. These coins are surprisingly affordable. Coins were used by everyone in Rome. They were not only used by the wealthy. Because of this, there were many minted and there is no shortage of them on the market.

Ancient coins are not going to be in mint condition, however there are still grading differences to be aware of. A common coin used during the Roman Empire that is in rough shape should be affordable for most people.

For more information about collecting coins and determining their value, contact a company like Distinctive Coins.

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