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Diamonds & Decisions: 3 Ways To Avoid Her Not Liking The Ring

If you're contemplating proposing to a woman, you should already have a solid sense of her style and jewelry preference. Presenting a diamond engagement ring that she doesn't like can be a costly mistake, both financially and to the ego. The science behind selecting a decent ring that she would adore requires attention to detail and research. Budget may be a factor, but don't select a lifelong memento based solely on cost. Read the woman that you've grown to love and follow these simple steps to avoid a dud of a proposal.

1. Pay Close Attention

When she steps out on date night, you're in such awe that all you see is her complete beauty. With all mesmerizing aside, take in each element of her. Is she wearing any jewelry? If so, does she usually go for statement pieces and cocktail rings? You can't go wrong with the bold cut of an emerald or marquise diamond.

Make note of her casual jewelry attire as well. Does she keep her favorite necklace on at all times? Is she bothered by the presence of cumbersome pieces? Perhaps she's a dainty lady that likes to keep things simple. Don't be afraid to go with a smaller sized diamond in a classic round or cushion cut.

2. Window Shop… With Her!

But do so subtly. If the proposal is to be a surprise, don't throw a catalog at her and ask, "So babe, which do you like?" During a normal trip to the mall, stroll past a jewelry retailer and get her to go in with an excuse to look for a new watch. Take note as the diamonds magically draw her in. Do her eyes light up at the multi-stoned rings? Has she locked in on the platinum pieces or is she stating that gold is more of her taste? Engage in a conversation of 'what-ifs' with her to get a true sense of what she likes.

3. Perfect the Art of Compromise

So, the two of you have already discussed marriage, and you've expressed your desire to use your dearly departed grandmother's engagement ring. Heirloom pieces can be tricky territory, especially when proposing it to your bride-to-be. If she's not keen on having a used ring, suggest the idea of setting the stone in a new band. Doing so can satisfy the sentimental attachment to an heirloom piece while providing an element of something new, especially when facing budget constraints.  

Remember that the ring is for her. Hone in on your detective skills and analyze the clues that she graces you with. Good luck!

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I’m Jason Baldwin, and my kids have the coolest playground ever! Our backyard playground took nearly eight months to complete. This is because my wife and I put a great deal of time and research into the equipment we purchased. We have three children that range from three to nine years of age. We wanted a playground that had things for each age child, in addition to equipment that will still be fun as they get older. Of course, the primary concern was safety. After safety, we had to consider what materials we wanted. We researched not only what looked nice, but would also hold up to weather conditions year after year. I am going to share what we learned and what we ended up purchasing. I hope this will help you make decisions for your playground.