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2 Things To Consider When Choosing An Engagement Ring For Your Fiancee

When you get ready to buy an engagement ring for your fiancee or girlfriend, this is not a process that should be rushed. Here are 2 things you should consider so that you select a ring that is just right for her.

Is Much Maintenance Required?

First, you need to consider how much maintenance each ring will need that you are considering. A simple ring that just contains on diamond and a thick metal band is not going to require much maintenance. The ring can be cleaned every few months, and that will keep the ring looking new.

If you choose a vintage style ring or a pave ring that has dozens of tiny diamonds surrounding the band, then more maintenance is going to be required. A ring that is designed in the pave style can be designed with a thick metal band that encases the diamonds on both sides, or it can be designed with thinner metal and little prongs to hold each diamond in place.

The second option is much prettier and dainty, but it is also more fragile and can require more care. For example, the tiny diamonds in the settings can settle after the ring has been worn for a few months, and sometimes the little diamonds will loosen and fall out.

Also, the ring is more prone to being bent if your fiancee uses her hands a lot for projects and participates in many sports. She would be better off getting a stronger ring, or she should at least take the ring off for these activities.

You can almost be certain that a ring in the pave style that has just one or two thin bands of diamonds encompassing the center diamond is going to need more care and repair.

Are Her Hands Small?

The other thing you need to consider is the size of your fiancee's hands. If she has really long, slender fingers, then you can select a ring that is bigger and that has more diamonds. If her hands are short, then a more delicate ring will suit her hand better.

If her hands are a bit thicker, then a medium or thinner styled ring will also work. You should never do a really thick ring on thick, short fingers because the ring will just make the fingers look even shorter.

By considering these 2 factors during the selection process, you can better choose a ring that will suit your fiancee's style and her practical needs every day. Look to a reputable jeweler, like Rinehart Brothers Jewelers or others, to find the perfect ring for your fiancee. 

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