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Unique Shapes To Consider For Corporate Plaques

There are many things to think about when you order corporate plaques for your employees. While a lot of people naturally gravitate toward plaques that have a square or rectangular shape, most companies that produce these plaques have other shapes that may interest you. Choosing a unique shape can be ideal because it helps a particular plaque to stand out. If there's a plaque with a unique shape hanging on a wall of plaques that are rectangular, the former can often be easier to spot. Here are some unique shapes that you may wish to consider when you're placing your order. 


A lot of plaque companies have diamond-shaped plaques. While you may be able to order this type of plaque in a few different materials, it's most common to see in glass. This type of material, combined with the shape, helps to give the plaque somewhat of an actual diamond's appearance, albeit on a larger scale. The diagonal lines of a diamond-shaped plaque offer a stylish look. Given the high value that people associate with the diamond shape, try to use this type of plaque to celebrate financial accomplishments. For example, if you're awarding a plaque to your top sales team of the year, the diamond shape can be appropriate.


You can also expect to see plaques that are available in a heart shape. Even though it's associated with love, this shape can still work well for certain types of corporate awards. For example, if you run the nursing department at a local hospital or you manage a nursing home, you might like to recognize a few of your staff who always make extra time to show care and compassion for their patients. A heart-shaped plaque, which suggests that the recipients have big, caring hearts, can work well.


Plaques that have the shape of a star can be another unique option to think about. These plaques are popular in youth sports, but they can work well in the corporate world, too. When you're recognizing staff members who have gone above and beyond their job description to do something positive for the company, you might often refer to them as "stars." Handing out star-shaped plaques at your organization's awards banquet to such individuals can be a nice touch. Visit the website of a company that specializes in corporate plaques and browse all of the available shapes to learn about ordering the right plaque for your occasion.

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